My name is Anastasia Kuba. I am a photographer. In January 2016, I released Nothing but Light, an art project that allows people to say out loud I am here. I breathe.This is my body. These are my experiences. I matter. And I don't need permission to exist. It was created around a belief that we all have a need to be compassionately witnessed no matter what it is we are going through.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without generous supporters who donated to my IndieGoGo campaign. The money I raised allowed me to rent a studio for 2 months and to photograph 62 people. After it was released, Nothing but Light quickly went viral. I received more than 500 emails from people all over the world who told me that they were deeply affected by the project and would like to be a part of it.

To keep the integrity of the project it is important that participation in Nothing but Light continues to be free of charge. If I work on it in my spare time and pay for a studio out of pocket, I can only do a new photo session once in a while.

Patreon can change that. Patreon is a wonderful resource that allows artists to generate a reliable income. If you become my patron, you will give me an opportunity to work on this project full time. When I publish a new photo session, your card will be charged the amount that you pledged. You can put a limit to the number of publications you'll sponsor per month to make sure that you never go over your budget, even if your budget is $1 a month.

Once I'm fully funded, I will be free to work on Nothing but Light anywhere in the world. I'll be able to travel to any city, whether it's Atlanta or Pekin, rent a photo studio for a few months and to photograph anyone who wants to be photographed. At the end of my stay, I'll host a public event, where participants can read their stories and meet each other.

A photography tour around the world is a wild idea, but I believe that with your help it is possible.

I feel lucky to live in a time when every person can directly support the creation of the art that matters to them.

Thank you!




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