Rob Vegas "Rasputin"

Katie Wheeler-Dubin  "Please eat this cut of meat..."

Nova is reading her poem "Saeed"

The poem is in Hebrew.

It describes a woman as a closed door waiting to be cracked by the burglar,

In a game of power

The images are of an Arabic lover and a Jewish girl

She is asking him to speak to her his native tone

Crack her open with his words

The sexual burgle described as a Suspects detention of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier at the Border

She (the soldier) is teasing him of being weak and incapable of holding his urge to come.

He is overpowering her, pulling her body as he wish, calling her his slut in Arabic.

Swapping roles fills her with excitement and satisfaction

Knowing she won by making him having a great orgasm

The debt of breaking into her body have been paid

The borders between them had been broken.