Empathy Archive is a video project where two people have an in-depth discussion about something they both experienced. 

These are the conversations scheduled for June 2018:

Below are the topics where I have one person who wants to talk about it and I am looking for a pair. Any subject can be brought up for the discussion. If you want to participate in the conversation already proposed or if you'd like to open a new topic, please contact me. 

- being a single parent vs. being a parent in a loving and stable relationship, experienced by the same person
- having a child after an unexpected pregnancy with someone who, at the time of conception, was a casual partner
-Raising a transgender or other gendered child

- raging against the dying of the light or life after 70
- sex after 60

- experiencing betrayal
- divorce from an abusive partner
- divorce after 40 plus years
- divorce
- emotionally abusive relationship

- sex while disabled
- sex after 60
- contracting herpes

- being partially paralyzed/ immobilized for an extended period of time but not permanently
- Living with medical phobias
- hearing loss
- balance disorder
- autoimmune and chronic illness
- epilepsy
- organ transplant

Mental Health
- growing up with a parent who has schizophrenia
- living with schizophrenia
- living with bipolar
- living with Aspergers
- living with autism
- suicidality

Gender/ Gender transition
- Walking away from a career because of not being able to transition in the job as a transwoman
-Raising a transgender or other gendered child

- growing up with a parent who has schizophrenia
- dealing with parents divorce as a child- being an adopted child
- growing up with alcoholic parents

- helping a person you love die
- losing a friend to suicide
- losing a parent to cancer
- losing a brother to cancer
- losing a child to OD
- losing a mother as an adult woman
- losing a parent to a rare disease

Rape/Sexual Abuse
- aftermath/recovery of a child sexual abuse/rape as a cis man
- aftermath/recovery from a rape by a sexual partner that was done without considerable physical force (woman) 
- supporting a partner who was raped/assaulted

- emotions that arise when the police pass in a male person of color

- living in poverty (and hiding it from your public life) 
- sex work
- Vipassana meditation
- overcoming an addiction
- traveling/living in a van
- obsession with wolves and its relation to trauma and growth
- being homeless

Death and dying
- being on the verge of death
- near death experience as a child
- working in a death industry