Anastasia Kuba is based in San Francisco California.

Nothing but Light (NBL)  was originally crowd funded through Indiegogo. Because of generous donations from people like you I was able to photograph 80 people free of charge, so that any person could share their story regardless of their financial background.

I am looking for a way to fund the project. If you have any ideas, know about the grant I should apply for or an organization / individual who would be interested in financing it, please let me know.

 There are a few ways that you can support NBL.

Private photo session | sliding scale $275 - $750

I am offering  photo sessions $275 - $750 sliding scale, depending on your financial situation. After a photo session you can decide if you want to share those images with the project, or if you'd like to keep them private.  Email me for more information


Each photo session takes 6 hours of work plus costs of studio rental. $275 is absolute minimum I need to make every time I photograph someone new to keep the project alive.
If 275 people pledge a $1 for every photo session I do, I can work on the project full time and photograph 5 people a week, 20 people a month continuously and I can do it anywhere, not just in SF.
Your support will allow me to photograph anyone regardless of their financial background and open the project to people from all walks of life. 

To become a patron, please go to my Patreon page. When pledging, you can set a maximum amount a month. For example, you can specify that you will give $1 for 1 photo session a month.




You can also make a one time donation.

International donations can be made here


Invite me to speak

I will be happy to present my project at your event. If you are interested in inviting me, contact me at  

I will happily travel.